Solusi University Vice Chancellor Vacancy

Solusi University seeks to recruit a competent, innovative, passionate, experienced and spiritual individual to fill the position of Vice Chancellor. The University is a Chartered Seventh-day Adventist Church run Institution of Higher Learning in Zimbabwe. The university has also been accredited by the Adventist Accrediting Association (AAA) and the International Board of Education (IBE). All being international accrediting bodies. Its wholistic philosophy that encompasses the mental, physical, social and spiritual aspects of a student, has seen its graduates absorbed into all spheres of industry, civic organizations and church services.

The successful candidate is eligible for re-appointment for a further five-year term at the end of the current ZWUC Triennium period, upon outstanding performance evaluation.

Qualifications and Experience
The applicant must:

  • hold a terminal degree of a professional rank, with a minimum of 5 years of experience
    in the area of higher education administration or related position.
  • be an accomplished academic and leader with proven strategic vision, determination and demonstratable experience in change leadership as well as a record of strategic, dynamic, collaborative and emotionally intelligent leadership.
  • possess the affinity to, and a track record of, handling challenges of an exponentially changing society, educational trends, job market and environment.
  • be a baptised, committed Adventist in regular standing, who wholeheartedly affirms the University’s Adventist Philosophy of Education.

Expectations of the Vice Chancellor

  • The Vice-Chancellor is responsible and accountable to the University Council for able leadership, management and development of the University towards the achievement of its mission, academic excellence, fiscal soundness, spiritual development and for implementing its Strategic Plan.
  • As the University’s principal academic and spiritual officer, the VC will directly report to the Council, provide leadership and strategic vision that is bold, distinctive, clear and ambitious, and continue to deliver an environment where all members of the University community can thrive and achieve their full potential.
  • He/she should have a grasp of the University operations, and be able to propose solutions to complex problems.
  • Should be able to lead in policy development and academic planning, preparing budgets and maintaining the institution’s positive image.

Duties and Responsibilities

The duties of the Vice Chancellor entail:

  • running the entity efficiently and effectively in accordance with strategic decisions of the Council and the Seventh-day Adventist policies;
  • serving on all committees as guided by the Charter and providing valuable input as well as listening to colleagues’ suggestions;
  • the development of strategies, policies, budgets and business plans for consideration and approval by the Solusi Council;
  • ably networking, thinking on his/her feet.
  • raising funds and other resources for research and other developmental activities of the University;
  • allocating resources fairly, ensuring efficiency in expenditures of secured grants;
  • reviewing academic programs, budgets, and policies to keep abreast with the dynamic environment for continued future relevance;
  • supervising staff and addressing any performance to ensure that the university maintains high standards of performance;
  • attending academic, research and religious conferences, meetings and related programs;
  • maintaining positive relationships with other academic institutions, organizations, and the broader community;

Further Information:

  • Remuneration will be disclosed to the successful candidates.
  • Applications which include a cover letter and a detailed curriculum vitae containing the current contact details of at least three referees, and certified copies of qualifications together with a letter of recommendation from your local Pastor, should be submitted to:
  • Shortlisted Applicants will be contacted soon after the closing date.
  • Additional information, documentation, and interviews will be required of short-listed applicants, and will be scheduled and requested by the chairperson of the search committee.
  • All applicants who previously applied do not need to re-apply.
  • All inquiries should be directed to the search committee;

Closing date for all applications: 5th of October, 2023