Weekend of Worship

An uplifting three days of praise and worship took place at Zimbabwe Academy of Music in Bulawayo from the 23rd to the 25th of May. The convention featured Dr. Jaime Kowlessar who is the Senior Pastor at Dallas City Temple SDA Church, USA, who blessed the delegates with the word of God. Dr. Kowlessar came along with his wife Carlene who was one of the panelists during a focus discussion that deliberated on the Family on Sabbath morning.

Sharing from 2nd Samuel 9:1-13 on the first night, Dr. Kowlessar encouraged the young people that gathered on how God loves us in spite of the situation we find ourselves in. “God is so good he can cover up your problems so that other people may not see it. When we sit at the table, we are all at the same level and so was Mephibosheth”


Emmanuel Group Ministries in praise & worship

Preaching on the story of Legion, Dr. Kowlessar said “If you want to live your best life, you have to get rid of the pigs that are in your life. ” He went on to mention how God fixes from the inside out, how he cleaned the demons “an inside job” for the man to go home free. He challenged the delegates to go home and tell their story about how God has delivered them.

The illustrious Emmanuel Group Ministries from South Africa led out in praise and worship through music. They both sang for and with the congregates hymns of praise and worship which moved the guest preacher to tears. The Academy of Music was packed to full capacity and there was so much singing from all those that attended.

The Weekend Of Worship (WOW) is an initiative of the Health Money and Faith (HMF) program that is powered by ZWUC Treasury. HMF is Bulawayo’s essential convention for today’s young adults focused on critical conversations on healthy living, personal finance, and a Christian lifestyle.

This event was streamed live on Facebook for those who could not attend. Those that attended were encouraged to look out for the next event and ensure that their register online to secure a seat for the next event.

WOW Guests and Facilitators