Senior Citizen’s Day

On the 22nd of May, a good representation of elderly statement of Bulawayo gathered at the small city hall for a meeting organised by the church. Pastor Nceku Msimanga appreciated the attendants for taking their time to attend the meeting, “we want to thank you all for making it to this meeting, we a gathered here to just thank you and recognise the contribution you have made in this city”. A total of 83 seniors were in attendance

Hon. Cde Judith Ncube, the Minister of State for Provincial affairs in Bulawayo was the guest of honour. In her address the also thank the elders for the work that contributed to the city of Bulawayo. “The city of Bulawayo was known for its cleanliness because of how you took care of it, we appreciate and thank you for the good work,” she said. She also reminded the attendants that their work is not yet over they have an advisory role to play in maintaining our values and cultural practices.

Meanwhile, the Minister also took a swipe at residents who are selling drugs to school children. “The care for each other, the sense of community we had, the community which cares for its children, I think that has been significantly eroded,” she said. “I am aware that there are adults lacing foodstuffs sold to pupils with drugs. That has to stop.”

She said she had also received reports from parents who are concerned about the Vuzu parties that have become a permanent feature in the city. “These wild behaviours have eroded our culture and this can only be solved if parents closely monitor their children to ensure that they are not abusing drugs and to instill discipline.

“The issue of Vuzu parties is a result of generation gap which can be solved when church leaders, traditional leaders, and parents come together and communicate with the young people,” said Minister Ncube.
Pastor Choga also addressed those in attendance and mentioned the biblical responsibility that the elderly have in society. He reminded them that God has promised to be with them even in the lonely years of adulthood.
As the senior citizen collected their refreshments they, expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the fact that the church still remembered them. “We want to thank the SDA church for spending money organising this event for us. We had had an opportunity to meet with our old time friends something that has not been done in many years” said Mrs. Mlingo.