Ordination Service, 2019

On Sabbath 23 November 2019, the Zimbabwe West Union Conference (ZWUC) of Seventh-day Adventists witnessed the ordination of twelve ministers and commissioning of one CFO. The service was held at Amphitheatre in Bulawayo. Of the twelve, seven are currently serving in the South Zimbabwe Conference (SZC) and five are currently serving in West Zimbabwe Conference (WZC).

There was prodigious support for the pastors from their colleagues in ministry, family and church members. The service was not only infused with a strong admonition, humour and good-natured Christian fellowship, but it was also blessed with a series of musical items from Quinquennium quartet. 

Quinquennium quartet presenting a song during the tail end of the morning session.

The homily from the Zimbabwe West Union Conference (ZWUC) President, Dr. Micah, shared a practical message about the challenges of the call to ministry which is a call to a cross, not a crown. He coupled this with the encouragement that even in hardships, we can still rejoice in the Lord always. He explained that the joy we have in God is not altered by what is going on around us, as joy is about “knowing who you are and whose you are.” Therefore, the joy that God places in our hearts cannot be changed by the challenges we face, a message which resonated with everyone.

The service concluded with a response from the newly ordained Pastor Thabo Mlotshwa on behalf of his fellow ordinands. The Shepherdesses to the pastors were recognised by the ZWUC ministerial spouses for the years that they have spent supporting their husbands in ministry – each received gifts of appreciation. Although being a ‘shepherdess’ may not be their primary occupation, the wives of the ministers play a vital role in supporting the pastors in their work. 

The Executive secretary, Pastor N M Msimanga spoke to the ordained pastors in the afternoon program. He indicated that Ministry can be artificial, it can be just an employment opportunity unless one walks with Christ just as Paul says in Galatians that he was set apart from his mother’s womb and therefore surrenders himself to Christ daily. He encouraged the pastors to fully dedicate themselves to this work who Christ only will reward at his second coming.

Welcome and congratulations to the Pastors straight after ordination

It is always encouraging to see the workforce of God increase in number and strength, especially as we draw closer to the return of Jesus Christ. This ordination service affirmed the ministerial calling that God has placed on the lives of twelve pastors, but God has also placed a calling on the lives of all His followers. 

Ordination is a biblical concept that began with Jesus calling and appointing (ordaining) the 12 apostles (see Mark 3:13-19, Luke 6:12-16, Matt. 10:1-4, John 15:16). In fact, in a unique sense, you could consider that it was modeled even earlier when the Father appointed and sent His Son as an Apostle to this Earth to become one with us as a human but also to maintain His divinity as Christ carried out His special mission of salvation for those who accept Him as Saviour and Lord (see Hebrews 3:1).