Donations towards COVID-19

The effects of Covid-19 are far-reaching in terms of lives lost, those infected, the economic downturn among the many effects of this pandemic. Large economies and small ones alike have not escaped the harsh realities of the new order throughout the globe. The poor, widows, child-headed homes and as many vulnerable households have suffered the brute force of the pandemic and having a meal on the table has dawned to be a blessing that it has always had to be considered as.

The consignment before going out the beneficiaries

In response to the socio-economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic particularly the need for daily provisions, the Zimbabwe West Union Conference (ZWUC), South Zimbabwe Conference (SZC) and West Zimbabwe Conference (WZC) on the 1st of May combined to provided 2,220 (10kg) bags of mealie meal and 4,444 (1kg) packets of beans to over 2200 vulnerable homes in Bulawayo and surrounding areas. The targeted beneficiaries are the elderly, widows, disabled and child-headed homes among many.

On hand to endorse proceedings and receive an additional donation of facemasks (produced by Solusi University) for essential workers in the civil service was the Minister of State for Bulawayo Province Hon. Judith Ncube and Angeline Masuku, the former Provincial Governor. The latter said in one of her remarks, “By providing food to 2,220 households you have feed more than double that number because each household has more than two people on average.”

Hon. Judith Ncube (Minister of State for Bulawayo) speaks during the proceedings

The Minister of State for Bulawayo Hon. Judith Ncube appreciated these efforts given the untold suffering many homes are faced with during this COVID-19 pandemic that’s further compounded by the drought that the country is experiencing. She thanked the church on behalf of the government, “this will go a long way in alleviating those that are in need, the government alone is unable to reach out to all its citizens and therefore working together we can help our people,” she said.

Pastor Micah Choga, the Union President was quick to indicate that COVID-19 is more or less an accident and no one was prepared for it however church the leadership has seen it fit to respond in such a way in spite the limited resources available. If Jesus had been here we would ask for a miracle that He blesses this food so that it doesn’t run out in each household until this crisis is over said Pastor Choga. He also expressed gratitude to the Honourable Minister for assisting them in the acquisition process given the lockdown restrictions.

Pastor M Choga addresses those gathered during the handover