98 Year old granny baptised

In harmony with Christ’s Command, the Adventist Church at Matshudula area in Tsholotsho set out to proclaim the good news of salvation to the people of Mensi area. After two weeks of the intense evangelistic campaign, 34 souls were won to Christ, both young and old. Amongst those who were baptized, is a 98-year old lady by the name Annie Sibanda who is visually impaired.  Annie was born just after the first world war on the 2nd June  1921 in Makhaza Area, Tsholotsho. She is a mother of six children and fifty-two grandchildren. Three of her children have since died and she has lived as a widow for many years.

Annie is so happy that she found Jesus in later years of her life ” The Lord has kept me so long so that l should come to know him, that’s why I’m still alive so that l should choose him” she said. She gave her life to Christ and joined the Church in spite that none of her family members are Adventists. The family is however happy that their mother has found Jesus in the Adventist family who came and showed love to them.

Annie strongly believes that it is God who has kept her this far so that He sends his messengers to her. She feels happy to become part of the Adventist family who always visit her to share the bible with her since she cannot read anymore and could not go to church every Sabbath because of age.

There is a small Sabbath school branch that was opened near Granny Annie’s home, and since her baptism, the branch is growing so fast. Currently, they are worshiping under a shade as plans are being made to erect a church building for the Lord.

As we pray for the work of the church, let’s remember  Annie, her family, and the small Sabbath School branch in this area so that God can work miracles to reach many who have not yet accepted Christ in that area.

Reported by Pastor Khonzile Khumalo (Tsholotsho District)